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Jeremi + Lianne’s Halloween Themed Engagement Photography

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“Jeremi + Lianne are getting married! But before taking off to get hitched in Los Cabos Mexico next year, Lianne emailed our photography studio to capture engagement photos. Sometimes our couples look into incorporating a theme for their sessions, this concept was a theme Lianne proposed to us and unlike any other shoots we have ever photographed before. ( And it’s a perfect photo post for the current Halloween season. ) We photographed Jeremi and Lianne in an editorial and lifestyle inspired engagement photography style with a dramatic, trash the dress theme.


Before Lianne first contacted us, she said she had researched online for various photo session themes and admitted she was a little nervous mentioning her discovered scandalous photo concept, her idea for props, and the unique trash-the-dress photo concept to us. ( She said she didn’t know if we’d think she was a crazy woman. : ) LOL The idea did admittedly catch us off guard, as we thought initially we were going to be completing a typical portrait session. But after seeing her inspirational photos, and getting to know her a bit more, we soon were excited about the idea, and we were up for the challenge in creating some edgy, stylish and dramatic photography. Upon setting a shoot date, we suggested one of our favorite photo shooting locations to pull the prop and Halloween themed photography session altogether. We left to Lianne the task of organizing both their outfits and the challenge in finding & experimenting with some fake, but realistic looking blood. The results? Well we had captured so many great unique photos, we decided to blog a few more photos than normal, blogging two photo posts from our day’s photo session. Click here to view Jeremi + Lianne’s night engagement photography pictures.


Jeremi + Lianne looked stunning and did fabulous in bringing to the session some fantastic and stylish clothing along with on the engagement session. Thanks J+L in investing a little extra into your wardrobe, makeup, and hair which we feel is one of the biggest keys to outstanding engagement pictures. ( We always love how our couples arrive for the portrait sessions with such a great fashion sense. ) You guys looked edgy, sexy + sophisticated. A special thanks to you J+L.


Jeremi proposed to Lianne this summer after being together for 12 years. They are high school sweethearts who met on the football field. Jeremi was a football player and Lianne a cheerleader. Lianne mentioned “since we love to travel, we decided that we wanted to have a destination wedding. We had been to Cabo San Lucas before and loved it there so we figured that would be a good place to get married.” During the session, we learned about the couple’s adventurous travels around the world and got to know in person more about them. Lianne was raving about her recent trip to Brazil and hang gliding adventures over Rio de Janeiro. And her past visits to places like Rome and The Giza Pyramids in Egypt. We definitely couldn’t help but to be jealous of their recent world travels.


Jeremi + Lianne, we are looking forward to traveling along with you to Mexico for your wedding day. On the day after, J+L would like to try trashing the wedding dress again, however in the sand and ocean waters this time. J+L we hope you are excited about the results of the pictures above! We loved the combination of modern fashion inspired photos and tying it together with a dramatic and devious storytelling style. You two were amazing to work with. Both your love for each other and enthusiasm in the photo shoot was like no other couple yet we have photographed. Thank you. Check back soon for more of our favorite photos captured during the night portion of our shoot, coming up next!! ( Lianne incorporated a birthday present she said she bought herself for these photos. ) Looking forward to showing off your second, and even more dramatic photography post. Enjoy!”


Chicago Wedding Photographers



Wait, there’s more! View a few of our favorite images from our photos with guns night engagement photography part of shoot with Jeremi + Lianne.


♥ Jeremi + Lianne are exchanging vows next August in Mexico’s coastal Dreams Resorts & Spa in Los Cabos. We are looking forward to joining the Chicago couple and traveling along with their family on this destination celebration. J+L will be having an on the beach, waterfront ceremony. One of our favorite types of ceremonies.


Shoot details:
Lianne’s make-up artistry by Sonia Roselli
Hairstylist Brandy Chrismon from Intoxicating Styles in Oak Forest 708-535-2020


Photography session props included:
Motorcycle: Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Iron motorcycle
Knife: handcrafted custom bowie knife by Gil Hibben originating outside of Louisville Kentucky

Bonus Photos Jeremi + Lianne’s Engagement Photography with Guns!

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“Above is part two from our dramatic and prop engagement photography session with Jeremi + Lianne. In capturing too many amazing photos with Jeremi + Lianne, we decided on a second bonus photos blog post. With three props during our single photo session, first a motorcycle, second a knife, and third guns, we decided to differentiate the time later to capture ultra modern editorial style photos photographing J+L at night in an edgy photographic style using dramatic lighting. Lianne looked stunning, and Jeremi well he was very nicely dressed too. They brought along to the shoot, a couple of their toys and weaponry accessories for this part of the photo session. Another first for us, we loved the edginess, incorporating television and movie inspired poses and photography concepts, dramatic lighting techniques, and wow it was fantastic how the variety of night photos turned out. J+L, you two were simply amazing client’s to work with, looking like two celebrities. Hope you both enjoy seeing the completed photos. Thanks Lianne + Jeremi in looking absolutely fabulous. Looking forward to the wedding day! Vayamos a México.”


Chicago Wedding Photographers



Don’t miss our first blog post! See photos from the J+L’s Halloween themed engagement photography session which included more edgy photo props and a trash-the-dress theme.


♥ Details from Jeremi + Lianne’s engagement photography shoot with guns include:
Movie + Television Posing Inspiration: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Sons of Guns and American Guns on Discovery
Rifle: Rock River Arms Operator Ar-15 223 by Rock River Arms a family owned, gun manufacturer out of Colona, Illinois
Handgun: XD 40 Caliber Sub Compact by Springfield Armory, family owned gun manufacturer out of Geneseo, Illinois
Destination Wedding Plans: Dreams Resorts & Spa, Los Cabos, Mexico, August 2012
Engagement Make-Up by: Sonia Roselli, Chicago
Engagement Hairstyling by: Brandy Chrismon of Intoxicating Styles, Oak Forest, 708-535-2020

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