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Bonus Photos Jeremi + Lianne’s Engagement Photography with Guns!

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“Above is part two from our dramatic and prop engagement photography session with Jeremi + Lianne. In capturing too many amazing photos with Jeremi + Lianne, we decided on a second bonus photos blog post. With three props during our single photo session, first a motorcycle, second a knife, and third guns, we decided to differentiate the time later to capture ultra modern editorial style photos photographing J+L at night in an edgy photographic style using dramatic lighting. Lianne looked stunning, and Jeremi well he was very nicely dressed too. They brought along to the shoot, a couple of their toys and weaponry accessories for this part of the photo session. Another first for us, we loved the edginess, incorporating television and movie inspired poses and photography concepts, dramatic lighting techniques, and wow it was fantastic how the variety of night photos turned out. J+L, you two were simply amazing client’s to work with, looking like two celebrities. Hope you both enjoy seeing the completed photos. Thanks Lianne + Jeremi in looking absolutely fabulous. Looking forward to the wedding day! Vayamos a México.”


Chicago Wedding Photographers



Don’t miss our first blog post! See photos from the J+L’s Halloween themed engagement photography session which included more edgy photo props and a trash-the-dress theme.


♥ Details from Jeremi + Lianne’s engagement photography shoot with guns include:
Movie + Television Posing Inspiration: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Sons of Guns and American Guns on Discovery
Rifle: Rock River Arms Operator Ar-15 223 by Rock River Arms a family owned, gun manufacturer out of Colona, Illinois
Handgun: XD 40 Caliber Sub Compact by Springfield Armory, family owned gun manufacturer out of Geneseo, Illinois
Destination Wedding Plans: Dreams Resorts & Spa, Los Cabos, Mexico, August 2012
Engagement Make-Up by: Sonia Roselli, Chicago
Engagement Hairstyling by: Brandy Chrismon of Intoxicating Styles, Oak Forest, 708-535-2020

Victor + Blanca’s Vintage Car Engagement Photography in the Country

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“With Victor + Blanca’s wedding being only a few weeks after we photographed them on this vintage car in the country engagement session… stay tuned for their wedding day pictures coming up in a few posts!! While out on their engagement, the sun was shining but the Chicago blustery winds kept unexpectantly increasing in speed. But we all didn’t let the wind stop us, we made the most out of the gusts and used it to help create a dramatic editorial style look for this fashion inspired photography session. And as the day and the shoot progressed, the love and passion between Victor + Blanca and our in the country locations we stumbled upon, just kept getting better and better.


We would like to especially note that Victor + Blanca did a FABULOUS job in selecting some stylish clothes for their Illinois country engagement session. Thanks Blanca + Victor in investing into your wardrobe, makeup, and hair ( which we feel is one of the biggest keys to outstanding engagement photography. ) Many brides enjoy experimenting during the engagement session… whether the makeup being a trial run for the wedding, or in deciding to go a bit more glam with a fashion-inspired make-up trend, or a smokey eye “edgy” look. We always enjoy couples who come to us with such great fashion style. You guys looked sleek, sexy and sophisticated, thanks V+B.


When we first met up with these two last Summer at our home photography studio, we learned about their lives, their relationship, and discussed creating a personalized engagement session unique to them. Blanca mentioned how much they loved our editorial magazine styled high-fashion engagement photography look. And after us learning Victor was at the time currently working on fixing up his vintage 1972 Chevelle, we soon brainstormed an idea in incorporating the classic car into the engagement session and taking on a vintage 70’s inspired fashion theme for the photo session. Thanks Blanca + Victor in deciding to drive the car out from the City, to the wide open country for the session. We stopped at a few desolation locations in the beautiful Illinois country… gravel roads, a tree nursery farm, a barn, an abandoned motel ( a location we had been planning to visit for some time which provided the perfect setting with crumbling walls, textures in the brick, broken glass and seventies style architecture ). And of course, we were spoiled having a classic muscle car such as Vic’s cherry red 1970’s Chevelle. We had fun composing pictures with V+B inside the Chevelle while the car was moving and Ryan was hanging out of our truck, posing the couple outside of the car, and letting the couple kiss and flirt a little on top of the car.


Victor + Blanca thank you for finding + booking us as your photographers. We have greatly enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to each other and bringing that to this shoot, it was contagious. As mentioned, stay tuned for your Chicago wedding day pictures, coming soon. We loved every second of this fashion inspired engagement session, one of our favorite engagements from 2010! Hope you enjoy them too!”


Chicago Wedding Photographers



Blanca’s enhanced beauty for this shoot was provided by hairstylist Octavio Trujillo of Estilo Salon, complimented by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Makeup Artist Erica Gonzalez. Victor + Blanca’s wedding ceremony took place at St. Mary’s of the Angels in Chicago on Hermitage Avenue. Victor + Blanca’s evening reception venue was Chicago’s North Shore Evanston Golf Club. We can’t wait to post their wedding photos… coming soon.


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