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♥  Alex + Adriana’s Wedding Day

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“Alejandro + Adriana are a cute + madly in love couple. After getting to know them a little better while out on their engagement session, we realized their relationship is a very solid one ( and we felt a love story straight from the pages of a romantic fairytale. ) When Alex first reached out to us, just over a year ago, when I asked if they had set a wedding date yet, he said “I have only been engaged for one day LOL so no we haven’t set a date yet.” The day before he was referring to was New Years Eve where his proposal incorporated the help from many family members and a few strategic moves all the while Adriana had no idea. New Years Eve, Christmas and Valentines day are the most popular times of year for an engagement to occur.


We were honored that Alex only the day after the engagement was already emailing us to book us as his Chicago engagement and wedding day photographers. However we had a challenge in front of us coordinating a 2010 Fall wedding date that we were not already booked on. So after a few discussions and Alex + Adriana touring + deciding on a reception location, they set their date and booked us. For the engagement session, we learned Alex was employed by Metra in Chicago and would enjoy shooting a few photos by the train tracks in an urban setting + grungy location. Adriana was looking for something glitzy and shiny. So we combined both and of course we had to capture photos in front of the captivating nighttime Chicago skyline. After the engagement session, we grabbed a bite to eat ( thanks A+A in treating us to the lovely Italian dinner! ) During our chat at dinner, we learned more about Alex + Adriana’s undeniable dedication towards one another through their faith and devotion. It was incredibly beautiful. As we do with many of our couples, we loved getting to know Alex + Adriana while on our engagement session… Once the wedding day arrived, it was an exciting moment to see them finally united in marriage.


Alex + Adriana’s wedding day incorporated bright shades of blue, turquoise and peacock feathers. We love it when our couples create a theme… often picking a wedding theme will provide an easier answers in choosing flower colors, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, table decor and accents. Their theme provided the ceremony and reception’s wedding style + direction. ( Many couples find in planning the decorating details and small stuff a much easier task o style when they choose a theme. ) We loved how adding subtle feathered items added a vintage element… it was classy with a bit of glam. Alex + Adriana we hope you enjoy our wedding blog featured images! With busy schedules, glad you were able squeeze in – with less than a month before the wedding date – the engagement session. ( Hence with the two shoots, so close together, we decided to launch their engagement and wedding day photos together in this post. : ) Alex + Adriana we enjoyed photographing you and appreciate your love for creativity. The wedding was a fun celebration! We enjoyed the salsa dancing, live music, mariachi band, three DJs, excursions around the City, and so much more. We wish the two of you good luck + many years of a wonderful future together.”


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