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“San Francisco + Toronto = A Chicago Engagement Session


Meet our next couple Ashish + Nidhi. Ash lives and works in San Francisco and Nidhi in Toronto Canada… so they are currently doing the long distance relationship thing. Nidhi first contacted us a few months ago to schedule her and Ash’s Summer, Chicago engagement photo session. When researching photographers online in many cities from the midwest to the west coast, Nidhi + Ashish decided that an engagement photographer in Chicago capturing photos of them in nature, in the City and in front of the skyline would be perfect. We’re glad you found our photo blog and we hope you enjoyed your long weekend visit to Chicago.


A+N said it can be difficult living 2,000+ miles from each other. But, Ash has the ability to travel in between his company’s California office and their Toronto office, so that make’s their long distance relationship not as difficult as one may think. We asked after the wedding, where will they end up living? The plans are to move permanently to Toronto, and in a few years to come back to California. Ash says San Francisco is beautiful place to live with ideal weather and it has a long list of many pluses when they were comparing both Cities! In the end, Toronto won the battle.


We had a great time spending the day with Nidhi + Ash. They are simply cute together and easy to photograph ( Ashish knows how to make Nidhi smile and laugh… they are completely in love with each other. ) Thank you to you both Nidhi + Ash in booking us for your engagement session!! An early congrats to you both and we cannot wait to learn how the wedding celebrating goes in India.


Oh and thanks again for inviting us out and treating us to a delicious Italian dinner near your W hotel. We enjoyed hearing about your past and future travels, visits and adventures you’ve already been on and future plans, and each of your lives back in the Bay area and Toronto. Appreciate the future invite for us to visit you guys… we definitely will hold you to it, when and if we have the opportunity to travel to either Canada or California near you.”


Chicago Wedding Photographers



Nidhi + Ashish are days away from being wedded in October 2010 in New Delhi, India. Wondering if we’re going with? No unfortunately we will not be traveling with them to India. From what we heard, it’s going be a huge celebration… they are expecting 700+ guests, that’s a lot of wedding attendees.