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“Just about anyone would say long distance relationships can be tough. But we were wondering if planning a wedding long distance is even harder? Well Maggie + Dave have experience in both! The couple met while on vacation and traveling out of the country. At that time, Maggie lived in Illinois and Dave in Minnesota, but the distances between them didn’t stop them from writing a few letters and texting notes to each other after the trip ended. After all Dave knew he’d be traveling to Chicago once in awhile for his job and perhaps he’d be able to stop by and see Maggie again. Then on one unplanned weekend day, an unexpected text turned into the day they would reunite. Here’s Maggie’s details of that story:


“Dave and I’s story began in Acapulco, Mexico, during college Spring Break. We knew we had a connection the minute we saw each other, but there was little we could do about it because I lived in Chicago and he lived in Minneapolis, so we decided to stay “pen pals” after the trip. A year later, Dave came to Chicago with some friends and randomly gave me a call to say hi. As it turned out, he was at the bar LITERALLY right next to where I was with my friends. We met up for a drink and then pretty much immediatly decided to give this long distance thing a shot. This quickly turned into one of us getting on a plane almost every weekend to see the other. In fact, we even had a few “date nights” where Dave flew to Chicago on a weeknight after work, and took a 6AM flight so he was back at work in MN the next morning. Luckily it’s only a 50 minute flight! I paid him back by finally moving to MN after two and a half years of the flying back and forth!” Thanks for sharing this story Maggie. And thank you also in you both taking that same 50 min flight home after this photo session.


Dave + Maggie were a fun couple to photograph, we had a great time downtown with them. Instantly we felt like we were hanging out with two of our best friends. To those who already know Dave, you likely already know he’s a pretty hilarious guy. He definitely has a humorous side to his personality and additionally he’s absolutely in love with his stunning fiancé Maggie. Maggie’s incredibly smart, sweet, and as you can see a gorgeous blonde beauty. As a couple together, there’s a lot of chemistry and they are a perfect match for each other. While out on the couple’s downtown Chicago engagement photography session, we were all laughing nearly the entire day. Especially because of Dave’s welcoming and inviting sense of humor ( and at one point he even started dancing an Irish jig. ) Thanks Dave in keeping us the photographers laughing, and in keeping Maggie also smiling.


These two booked us as their wedding and engagement photographers from out of state and from Minnesota. So before this engagement session, we actually never spoke nor met in person. :) We corresponded prior to each other all via email. So when brainstorming the couple’s fashions and engagement photography stops for the day, we emailed about a few ideas. As soon as Maggie mentioned her and Dave would be staying downtown at one of their regular and favorite choices in city hotels, we decided why not plan for some time to shoot inside at that hotel? The venue fit the couple’s preferred look for a unique and modern photo backdrop. We loved inside the drama and pink uplighting adding to a fashion and edgy style. And in D+M flying in, having only the one single day in town, we in turn needed regardless of warm and dry weather a place to capture the photos. The hotel was a perfect solution. With some decent weather, we were luckily able to shoot outside of the hotel photographing in a few of our favorite outdoor spots, capturing engagement photography under the Chicago L train tracks, along the lake shore where the Lake Michigan water was so still and beautiful, and in front of the night skyline last. We always love mixing in of a number of photographic styles, some fashion inspired, some artistic, and some urban and dramatic. Thanks Maggie + Dave in being so open to all of our photo ideas. Looking forward to your September wedding! We know it’s going to be a fabulous celebration. Can’t wait to see you two again, in the gown and tux this time.”


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♥ Maggie + Dave are planning their wedding events to take place here in Chicago-land. Maggie says she choose Illinois because the wedding belongs in the bride’s home state and friends & family are very excited for the occasion. The ceremony will be at Ceremony at St. Mary of Vernon in the town of Indian Creek + the reception at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel.