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“With our busy photography season and the 2011 wedding year coming to a close, we are now diving head first into lots of editing. We are excited about all of the amazing people that we’ve met and photographed over the past few months. With the huge pile of editing in front of us and work ahead, we are excited to take a break from the early holiday orders and are looking forward to this next featured blog post. We loved spending the day with Arty + Cynthia. An amazing couple, these two are truly an ideal match and perfect for one another. It’s always nice + inviting to photograph couples who are overly illuminating with love for each other as A+C were.


When we left our studio for this photo session, with heavy rain clouds lingering, the four of us all were figuring we had missed out on receiving any sun that day… which brought along disappointment as clouds were going to be spoiling our plans to capture the sunset, and our warm and dreamy end of the shooting day plans for Arty + Cynthia’s vintage in the country photo shoot. But to our surprise we were graced with some glowing sun. Always interested in hearing what makes our couple’s unique, when getting to know these two, we discovered not only are A+C are two wonderful people, Cynthia is so sincere, gorgeous, but Arty is nearly identical another sincere person and he’s definitely head over heels in love and into Cynthia. We had a great time getting to know the two of them better during our first meet up and out on the session. But before first meeting in person, when Cynthia first emailed us, it was through Facebook. And to our surprise, Arty had that day popped the big question to her. That put a smile on our faces… she was super excited and messaging us all the way from China! Here’s their beautiful “will you marry me” story and a few trip details from Cynthia:


“Arty and I love to travel. One of our goals as a couple is to see all the Wonders of the World. Earlier this year, we received the opportunity of a lifetime and a trip together to China. Among the many things was saw during our trip, we were amazed in seeing the Great Wall. We visited 4 different cities with Beijing being the last stop before heading back to Chicago. Standing in front of the Great Wall was breathtaking, but being able to share the experience together was much more amazing. We explored the Wall for a few hours and on our way back down, Arty wanted to stop for a picture. He asked a gentleman to take our photo, which he did, but it was really quick. Arty looked disappointed, so I told him not to worry and I suggested we take another picture. He responded, “Yeah, but you don’t understand. I wanted to get a picture of this.” As he said that, he started to get down on one knee and pulled a box out of his coat pocket and revealed a beautiful ring inside. Besides ending with “Will you marry me?”, I don’t remember what he said. I was so overwhelmed and excited! However, I’ll never forget how I felt. I had always told Arty I wanted to be completely surprised when he proposed, and I was absolutely shocked. I couldn’t have picked a better place or time. Getting engaged at one of the greatest Wonders of the World was amazing!”


When discussing their engagement session, Cynthia messaged us saying she’d like to incorporate a few props for the session as well as a bit of 1920s-esque fashion inspiration into part of her and Arty’s photo session. Cynthia said she not only loved our classy, elegant and magazine like high-fashion portraits style, but she also enjoyed the idea of using fun and creative props. After Cynthia searched the web, she found a few props including paper hearts, a cupid bow and arrow, and since her and Arty LOVE the old “Love is” comic strip, she mentioned she had made a sign that says “Love Is” and would like to incorporate that somehow. One final personalized request was to stop by Cynthia’s office building where the couple first met ( during her and Arty’s internship ) “as a nod to where we met.” In Cynthia still working at the same company, she was able to receive special clearance for us to shoot there. ♥ Thanks for all the great ideas Cynthia. We always love when our couple’s put to use their creativity. Enjoy the rest of your pre-wedding planning. Looking forward to the big day next Fall and spending the day with you two again.”


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