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“We had a great time getting to know Kia + Leo and capturing the love between these two madly in love people. On our day out roaming the more industrial part of the urban city, we had a number of varying weather conditions ( and in turn photographic lighting situations. ) Working with a variety of sources of light and improvising with this couple was fun. The day started out with some beautiful summer sun, but soon clouds started rolling over the buildings in Chicago. While the four of us chatted and waited for the strong winds and darkest storm clouds to pass, Ryan was quietly composing a dramatic lighting scenario. With the winds and rain starting to slow down, we found ourselves inspired by the rainy situation, the location, Kia + Leo looking absolutely stunning together, and the wind lightly blowing… it was a perfect and unplanned scenario for some dramatic styled engagement photography images. We loved the impromptu location we found, with decaying buildings in the foreground and further in the distance the faint skyline. ( Without a doubt our careers in being wedding and engagement photographers, always brings fresh and new inspirations for us every day. We find ourselves improvising quickly and surprisingly on this shoot when the fierce monsoon rainstorm rolled into downtown Chicago, it was an unexpected and creative shooting situation sitting right in front of us. )


While awaiting the raindrops to stop falling, we had a little extra time to chat. We talked about both Kia + Leo’s fascinating careers working within the medical fields, their upcoming next Summer wedding, and we learned the little details of how the couple first met. Kia + Leo met each other in the Summer of 2007 and soon found themselves seeing each other almost every day after their first date. Kia admitted before that first date happened, she was not really looking to settle down. Soon what she call the “dating game” with Leo, was soon occupying her lifestyle as a relationship. She said everything happened so fast. With the couple’s spending so much time together, after a few years friends + family ( and especially Kia ) were getting anxious for Leo’s proposal to come about. Kia was expecting a Christmas engagement, but Leo wanted to make the proposal a real surprise, less cliché, and catch Kia off guard. Christmas day passed so when Kia was least expecting it, Leo put his plans into action. Kia sent me a little story about her unexpected proposal:


“As I went to lay down there “IT” was. A ring was shining bright on my pillow. All I could say was “no you didn’t.” I was so surprised! Leo asked to marry me and of course I said “YES”. The best part is that he had asked both of my fathers if he could have their blessings.”


It wasn’t soon after the proposal took place, that Kia + Leo were searching a number of reception venues around the City of Chicago. The conclusion was on a stylish and modern hotel location located in the heart of River North which had the couple’s preferred modern look. The location provided wedding guests the opportunity enjoy the downtown event space and also the proximity of being steps from Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River areas. We are excited photographing Kia + Leo’s wedding and festivities at the Hotel Sax Chicago. Hotel Sax is another one of our FAVORITE venues with awesome decor and amazing distinctive style. We can’t wait for their wedding day! The 4th floor ballroom has clean lines and tons of modernism. Plus the Sax Hotel’s Crimson Lounge with its rich colors and bohemian furniture style, we think it’s going to offer some amazing photographic ambiance. Kia + Leo, we are looking forward to the wedding day and shooting in your stylish hotel venue’s spaces. We hope you love the outcome from our engagement session. Enjoy the excitement of the rest of your engagement, until the big celebration next year. Talk to you soon.”


Chicago Wedding Photographers



♥ Kia + Leo are exchanging vows next year 2012 in June at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel located on the campus of the University of Chicago. The celebration is set to continue afterwards at the stylish Hotel Sax Chicago.


We are looking forward to both the couple’s venues, but especially shooting inside the Sax Hotel’s modern Crimson Lounge. We love the look of entire hotel and as so do Kia + Leo … it’s going to be a perfect fit for our editorial style photography. Visit the venue’s web site www.hotelsaxchicago.com for more information this urban hotel, described as “traditionally elegant yet bohemian” jewel of the Marina City’s River North Chicago neighborhood area.


Kia’s make-up for this engagement photo session provided by Stacy Kelly Makeup Artistry.