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“Thanks for visiting our Chicago photo blog. For Chi-Wei + Kam’s Chicago engagement photography session, we incorporated a wide variety of our typical shooting styles. Our first shooting location featured our high-fashion engagement images style. We absolutely loved the complimentary colors C+K’s yellow clothes provided against the purple and turquoise painted walls! Plus, the razor wire fence and raw Chicago street-side location created an edgy and chic engagement setting. Yikes, you guys looked amazing! Originally we had planned to capture pics in another spot in this area, but soon after arriving, Ryan and I couldn’t resist adding in this fence line into the shoot too. And not to mention, purple is Kam’s wedding color… so it was perfect!


Stopping in front of a few Gold Coast, amazing architectural Chicago landmarks came next. Did I already mention, how stunning Kam looked in her beautiful light and airy chiffon yellow dress? With the gorgeous weather shooting day and the sun bursting against the historic building, we had found a beautiful romantic setting for C+K. We love Chicago and it’s beautiful architecture… whether it modern or vintage + historic. As do Chi-Wei + Kam. On our next stop in the Lincoln Park area, we captured modern photojournalistic images of the two of them in a park. Many of these nature shots incorporated a prop – well actually a few props! Kam put a lot of creative thought into what props she was bringing and she said it was a challenge narrowing down list to only a few. Chi-Wei and Kam are a fun couple with a lot of chemistry. You can tell, they love spending time with each other and their outgoing personalties together are cute… they are also a couple who definitely enjoy trying new things. We had a blast working with them, the props were awesome, thanks for bringing them ( and thanks in bringing the cooler full of treats along in our ride too. )


When we first met with Chi-Wei + Kam, we discovered that Kam is a graphic designer… now does it make better sense she kept thing of new props? She’s a creative minded person like us. We enjoyed talking with Kam about her Chicago advertising and design projects, and their wedding invitations she was custom designing. Chi-Wei is a computer programmer who’s company is based out of Chicago but he often travels out of state as a consultant. He says he doesn’t mind traveling, but with the wedding date coming close, when he is back in town Kam and him are usually spending the weekends working on their wedding planning. So spending the day with us out on their engagement session out in City was a fun break.


Chi-Wei and Kam… we can’t wait for your wedding and we hope you and your friends + family enjoy your engagement photos. We had a great time traveling around the City with you. After the shoot ended, we greatly appreciate you inviting us out and buying us dinner in Chinatown. Thanks again! LOL It has been weeks since your shoot and we still haven’t tried any Bubble Tea. Will you have any at the wedding?”


Chicago Wedding Photographers



Chi-Wei + Kam’s upcoming October wedding is only a few weeks away. Both their ceremony and reception are going to take place at Belvedere Banquets in Elk Grove Village. We are looking forward to photographing each of their Chinese Traditional Tea Ceremonies which will be taking place on their wedding morning in each of their family’s homes.