“We had a fantastic time with Matt + Laura out and about on their engagement photo session downtown. With the weather taking a while to warm up for us all in the midwest this Spring, Matt and Laura had a challenge of not letting the cold breezes and lack of sun interrupt their photo plans. Months before the session, Matt + Laura had already arranged for one of the location stops to be indoors, so regardless of the chilly temps we knew that would help to keep them warm and cuddly. While inside their favorite Marriott hotel in the City on Michigan Ave., where both M+L have frequented both on business and on weekend getaway trips, we found some unique and color-amazing tucked away parts of the hotel to capture photos of these two in. Thanks for the suggestion Matt… we had a great time in the hotel! We often find while we are out shooting with our couples, that after a few minutes go by, we end up feeling like we are hanging out with a couple of old friends. That quickly happened whiled we were out with Matt + Laura. We found we all had a similar sense of humor, a ton in common, and we were laughing often.


After the shoot, we stopped for some food ( at one of our favorite Sushi places, thank you M+L in treating us to the dinner ) where we learned more about Matt + Laura’s first meeting, their past downtown visits, and memories of the night Matt proposed. Laura was telling me of their engagement story and she said “Matt’s proposal completely caught me off guard and I loved it!”. Here’s a few more details Laura writes about the engagement:


“We had just returned from a trip to my parent’s house in Maine where he asked my parents for my hand in marriage; so of course everything he did from that point on made me incredibly suspicious! I had to go out of town on business the next week, so he suggested that we take a weekend trip to the city when I returned home; which of course made me immediately think he was going to propose! Matt spent the entire week convincing me over the phone that I was being ridiculous; so much so that I put the idea of even getting married completely out of my mind! In the meantime he was secretly spending the entire week at the jewelers trying to find the perfect ring for me. We headed downtown for what I expected to be a normal weekend away. We arrived at “our Marriott”, the Marriott we always stay at, where he immediately dropped off our bags, and we walked over to the Hancock Center. He claimed we were just going to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory ( coincidentally, we had our first date at the Cheesecake Factory in Tampa, but I honestly wasn’t even thinking about that. ) I was convinced there wasn’t going to be a proposal this weekend or any time soon. We decided to go up to the sky deck before dinner. It was a gorgeous snowy night and there weren’t many people around. He told me he wanted a picture of me looking out towards Navy Pier, because the first time I came to Chicago to visit him we took a similar picture, which he loved. When I turned around after the picture, he was on one knee holding a ring! All I could say was: Are you kidding me?!?! He wasn’t kidding!”


After the proposal, Laura + Matt searched venues, discussed their families coming to Chicago from the states of Maine and Florida, and are now putting together the final touches of the planning of the big day. We are excited about their preferred modern taste in hotels and their chosen venue of Hotel Arista. Congrats Laura + Matt!! Hope you enjoy the engagement photos.”


Chicago Wedding Photographers




♥ The bride Laura scheduled trial appointments with her wedding day hair and make-up artists. Hair styling was provided by Niki Moon Niki Moon at Salon Gisele and make up by mua Wendy Woodside Wendy City Faces. Matt + Laura’s October ceremony and reception will both take place in Naperville at Hotel Arista a modern + chic boutique hotel.